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     Looking to get an Amex card? Well, you've come to the right place. In this post, we will show you the ropes of applying for Amex cards — Platinum or otherwise.

Charge Cards vs. Credit Cards

     Before we get into the rules, we want to make clear the difference between credit cards and charge cards. Charge cards have no pre-set spending limit, and you must pay the balance in full every month. This differs from credit cards which have credit limits and have balances that can carry over and incur interest.

     Number of Cards

     Amex just recently changed the limit for the number of personal or business credit cards from five to four. This means that you may only be approved for up to four cards at a time. If you already have five cards from the previous limit, no need to cancel one. Note that the restriction on the number of credit cards doesn't include charge cards, which are not capped.

Time Limit on Card Approval

     When applying for cards, you can't get approved for multiple cards all in one day. Instead, Amex limits you to two credit cards (charge cards are separate) for a 90-day period. 

Once-in-a-Lifetime Rule

     Amex offers attractive welcome offers that can be worth thousands of dollars. For example, if Amex approves you for the Platinum Card and you meet the $5,000 purchase minimum, you can earn 100,000 points valued at 2 cents per point. This $2,000 value is why the card is so heavily pursued and why it is so important to meet the minimum purchase requirement. The only drawback is that this welcome bonus is only available on each card for the first time you are approved. In doing this, Amex prevents you from canceling the card after meeting the purchase minimum, reapplying, and then receiving the welcome bonus again — a common practice known as churning.

Bonus Eligibility

     It's important to keep track of your bonus eligibility. Amex monitors your credit card behavior and may limit your eligibility based on fishy practices, or if you've been approved for the card before. What is and isn't acceptable is not black and white... generally though, don't cancel cards right after receiving bonuses or right before paying an annual fee. Overall, it's best to act on the safe side to stay within the good graces of Amex, and get the highest possible bonus.

Written by Steven Munsie

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