Card Curator 2.0 is Officially Here!


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We’re so excited to announce that Card Curator 2.0 is officially here! We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you an app with better performance, a smoother experience and more personalization than ever. We listened to your feedback, and have delivered an app that will have you jet setting to your dream destination in no time!

Check out what’s new with this version:

  1. New Onboarding Process: We have completely rebuilt the onboarding process by incorporating an assessment survey for new users to take prior to signing up for the app. Based on their answers, users will then be provided with custom trip ideas that they can set as goals within the app.

  2. UI/UX Redesign: The app has more of a fresh, modern design, and includes new icons as well as fun travel images on the Goals page.

  3. Updated Software: The front end technology of the app has been updated, and will now offer our users a smoother experience and better performance within the app.

  4. Introducing CC Secure Connect: This is a new way for you to link up your credit and debit cards to Card Curator, which will then automate personalized recommendations based on your current rewards and goals in the app. CC Secure Connect only pulls transactional data, never sensitive information such as account numbers. 

Here’s some screenshots of the new and improved Card Curator 2.0:

                       screen shot 3

                       screen shot 1

Users will now see new icons when setting a goal on the Goals page and on the Transactions page as well.

                       screen shot 2

Users will now also see fun travel images in the background of the Goals page when tracking the progress of their goals.

There are now two versions of the Card Curator app: a “freemium” version, and a premium version priced at $5.99 per month. If you refer a friend, you can then earn a free month of our premium membership. 

However, if you downloaded the app during the 1.0 version, you will be grandfathered in for life and will not be required to pay for the annual premium subscription. 

Card Curator 2.0 is now available on both iOS and Android, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Drop us a line at with any questions and/or comments!


Written by John Garner
John Garner is the founder & CEO of Card Curator. John spent 5+ years as a volatility trader for Merrill Lynch before deciding to start Card Curator and follow his real passion: credit card rewards and travel. To date, he has visited almost 90 countries by using rewards earned from 100+ credit cards. He’s an expert in all things related to credit cards and free travel, and loves helping others crack the code in the points and miles game.

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