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     Having trouble getting started with the Card Curator app? We've got your back. In this post, we'll explain the step-by-step of how to optimize your wallet, how to find great deals on hotels and flights, and how to track and improve your spending habits.

How do I get started with Card Curator?

Before getting into the tutorial, we recommend you create an account so you can securely track your progress and receive personalized recommendations. You may create an account using your email address or by linking your Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Apple account.

How do I get the best credit card and the best deal on travel?

To optimize your wallet, Card Curator asks what your primary goal is. You may select travel, return, cashback, flights, hotels, or giving. If you select cashback, giving, or return, Card Curator will then ask you how many cards you would like to view from two to five and then make a recommendation. If you select travel, flights, or hotels, Card Curator will ask for a destination and related details about preferred airfare class or hotel chain. Then, the algorithm will recommend payment using points and miles to get the best bang-for-buck.

How does Card Curator track my spending and goals?

To automatically track your spending habits and rewards goals, Card Curator analyzes your current credit cards and can link with your bank. You can add cards to your virtual wallet by using our search function in the "Wallet" tab. For payments, you can link your bank account using MX Atrium to allow Card Curator to display your points earnings in real time as you pay using cards. You may also manually submit transactions to track progress and can even ask Card Curator to recommend which card to use on a future payment in the "Transact" tab. Once MX is synced or you enter in your payments manually, Card Curator will outline how much you need to spend to meet your next bonus.

Written by Steven Munsie

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