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“It’s not about changing your lifestyle, it’s about optimizing it”

That’s precisely at the core of what we do at Card Curator.


Founded in 2018, Card Curator is the only fully automated app that maximizes credit card returns based on user’s primary spending, providing recommendations that optimize credit card signs-up, purchases and redemptions of points and miles. It is grounded in the idea that when people spend money on their credit card, they should be earning returns — whether that be points, miles or cashback, in order to help consumers fund their next travel getaway.

Card Curator’s algorithm combines user-based customizations in spending with banking rules, airlines alliances, partner award transfers, internal points valuation and many other proprietary layers of information in order to give the best recommendations customed to the user’s travel goals. Recommendations include credit card selection on specific purchases to specific redemption strategies for your trip. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway to Miami or a month’s long Asia trip, Card Curator is the invaluable tool to make your travel dreams a reality.

Since our launch earlier this year, Card Curator has garnered praise for its diverse functionality and user-friendly interface in the ever changing and dynamic credit card space. Card Curator has quickly expanded to over 500 onboarded users, who are interacting with our platform on a daily basis to optimize their credit card spending. In our latest update, we have included even more functionalities, including a user-driven tutorial throughout our entire platform and push notifications to help users track their minimum spend progress. Users are now able to sync our app with major banks, including Chase and Capital One, as well as non-major ones including US Bank and Synchrony. We have also included debit card transactions, adding another layer of both accessibility and efficiency for our users.

With the recent accelerated rollout of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as well as the newly FDA-approved Johnson and Johnson, Americans are increasingly itching for the return of domestic vacations and international tourism. In fact, a recent survey demonstrated that almost three quarters (69%) of Americans travelers say that they will be more likely to travel internationally if they receive the vaccines while 80% said the same for domestic travel. Over three-quarters (80%) of Americans plan to take at least one overnight domestic leisure trip in 2021.

But it’s not just the travelers. After a devastating 2020 for credit card companies in trying to retain their consumers, there have been a significant increase in generous credit card signup bonuses. The American Express Gold Card is offering a never-before-seen 75,000 Membership Rewards points (!!!) with $120 Uber Cash (new) and $120 Dining Credit to offset its $250 annual fee. Similarly, hotels and airlines are offering easier ways to earn status, with Hyatt Hotels reducing the threshold for Globalist, its top-tier status that comes with perks including unlimited club lounge access and upgrades to amazing suites, to only 30 nights instead of the usual 60 nights.

There’s no better time than now to take advantage of all these new opportunities. What better way to start than to download Card Curator, your very own, personalized travel companion.

What are you waiting for?

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Written by David Mui, Business Development and Strategic Growth Fellow at Card Curator

Card Curator is available for download on the App Store!

John Taylor Garner

John is an entrepreneur and member of the Wharton Class of 2022. Formerly, John traded index volatility at Merrill Lynch for six years, where he managed the international macro cross-asset volatility book. At Wharton, John oversees alumni relations as a Board Member of the Wharton FinTech Club. John has lived in New Jersey, Houston, New York City, and Singapore, but spent the majority of childhood in London. John graduated Dartmouth College in 2013 with a B.A. in Economics and Psychology. When he’s not traveling the world or working on Card Curator, John loves to scuba dive, ski, rock climb, and run.

Written by David Mui

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