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The Lufthansa Lounge is actually a three-leveled tiered lounge. The ground level is the Business Class Lounge, open to passengers flying in Star Alliance Business Class. The second floor is the Senator’s Lounge, which is open to Star Alliance Gold Members and passengers flying in Star Alliance First Class, excluding Lufthansa and Swiss Air. The third level is the official “First Class” Lounge, only open to HON Circle Members (Lufthansa’s top tier elites” and passengers flying in Lufthansa or Swiss Air First Class.

Since I was flying on Air China that day (a Star Alliance member), I’d be able to access the Senator’s Lounge.

After I entered the lounge, a desk agent greeted me and scanned my boarding pass. She told that the lounge does not make boarding announcements and that I should head to the gate at my designated time. She then gestured me upstairs to the Senator’s Lounge.

The Senator’s Lounge consisted of a long walkway with sofa seats set up on both sides. Outlets were located between each of the sofa seats. The lounge accommodates around 50 – 70 passengers.



The buffet was located right at the entrance of the lounge. There were a variety of hot and cold dishes, vegetarian options and desserts.





The cold options included different salad options, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, cucumbers, olives and hummus.

The hot buffet options included 6 hot dishes. The staff did a great job maintaining the buffet and refilling the food available.

Dessert included chocolate brownies and Christmas-tree shaped, sprinkled cookies.

Soft drinks, water and coffee were available on the side of the buffet.

The Senator’s Lounge also included an open bar with a bartender, which provides complimentary alcoholic beverages.

 The Senator’s Lounge is also great for plane-watching as there were floor-to-ceiling windows that line an entire side of the lounge. I caught a glimpse of a Lufthansa 747 and an Austrian 777.

The Bottom Line

 The Lufthansa First Class Senator’s Lounge at JFK offers a buffet of hot and cold options, an open bar and ample seating for 50 to 70 passengers. Overall, it’s got great options for those who want to wine and dine before heading off on their journey.

Written by David Mui

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