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United Polaris Lounge – LAX Terminal 7

The new United Polaris Lounge at LAX opened on January 12, 2019, welcoming though flying in international United Polaris Business Class and other international Star-Alliance Business and First class. The lounge is located in Terminal 7 at LAX, between gates 73 and 75.

The entire lounge is on one single level, covering over 12,000 square feet of space. Once you walk in, there’s an expansive bar, featuring specialty LA cocktails including Let’s Rumble and On Sunset.

There are ample setting all around the lounge, with couch seats for flyers who want to use your laptops and dining tables for people to eat.

For those who enjoy plane watching, the expansive windows along the sides of the lounge provide a great access to the multitude of international and domestic airlines flying in and out of LAX.

As you continue in, there is a buffet selection of hot and cold foods forming a circle wrapping around the middle section of the lounge.

If you have time though, it may be worth it to drop by the Dining Room located into the lounge. Instead of a buffet selection, you are able to order a la carte, sit-down items from the menu. United offers a nice selection of lunch and dinner items – you can order as many as you want!

The dining area in the restaurant is rather small with tables being able to sit a maximum of 20 people. It was particularly quiet the day I arrived though, so I had a waitress all to myself! 

I ordered a cocktail, some empanadas, a United Polaris burger and the fruit sorbet trio. Gotta say, everything was actually really good. Especially the burger – highly recommended!

The one last perk with Polaris lounges is the shower. Hidden in the back of the lounge are shower suites, where you’re able to reserve a room whenever available.

The Bottom Line

The United Polaris Lounge at LAX is an excellent, well-thought out lounge offering delicious food, unique cocktails and a great place to shower before or after a long international flight. Check it out!

Written by David Mui

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