Why Bilt is the Most Valuable Transferable Loyalty Program, per Our Proprietary Valuation


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A few weeks ago, we released this blog post detailing the exciting news that Bilt Rewards has now become the most valuable rewards transfer program in the game today! This news is a huge leap forward for Bilt and its team lead by Richard Kerr, not to mention the waves this shift has made in the field of rewards, points, and miles. 

With all that excitement, we wanted to take a beat to go into a bit more detail regarding how we arrived at this conclusion, and give you a glimpse into our own methodology when it comes to evaluations of programs. Because, after all, what good are these points you’ve worked to acquire if you don’t even know what they’re worth? 

Our methodology takes in three key factors:

  1. We focus on the most popular loyalty programs (this includes Chase, Amex, Citi, Bilt, Capital One, and Brex) and how many transfer partners are in their programs, as well as the value of those transfer partners’ loyalty programs.

    The one exception to the transfer partners is Marriott, as they are simply their own transfer program (their points transfer to dozens of airlines).

  2. We take a look at award availability on each airlines’ program, such as Delta, United, American, British Airways, Aeroplan, and 40 other popular airlines on a week-to-week basis for peak and off peak travel while analyzing tens of thousands of flight routes that are both domestic and international. When looking at award availability, we consider all classes of each flight including economy, premium economy, business, and first class. We also take into account each airlines’ partner award space.

    We then compare these results to the exact dollar amount associated with each flight, as well as the dollar cost of other similar flights, which we then use to form an estimation of the average cost.

  3. For hotels, we follow the exact same process but look at award availability for all the major hotel chains including Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Choice, Accor, and Wyndham. We look at weekday and weekend pricing, along with holiday pricing over numerous dates that range across the year for both standard and suite rooms, as well as all inclusives.

And that about does it. Based on these methodological factors, we’re able to pinpoint the precise valuation of any rewards transfer program, so long as they’re able to meet that criteria. Given this, we valued Bilt’s new value at 1.91 cents per transfer, putting them at the top of the list.

Here’s a look at the complete list of the top loyalty programs out there, with their transfer value ranked by most valuable:

Written by John Garner
John Garner is the founder & CEO of Card Curator. John spent 5+ years as a volatility trader for Merrill Lynch before deciding to start Card Curator and follow his real passion: credit card rewards and travel. To date, he has visited almost 90 countries by using rewards earned from 100+ credit cards. He’s an expert in all things related to credit cards and free travel, and loves helping others crack the code in the points and miles game.

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