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Set goals & get automatic recommendations to help you accomplish them.

The first step towards earning more is setting goals for your credit card rewards. You can choose to maximize cash back, charitable contributions, or points & miles.

Have a dream vacation in mind? Use our advanced travel features to set your destination as your goal.

Once you’ve set your goal, our supersmart CardArbTM algorithm gets to work and delivers a custom set of credit card recommendations to help you start racking up rewards as quickly as possible. 

See the best set of cards for you.

The best set of credit cards for you depends on where you spend your money, how many cards you want to have, what you want to accomplish, and the available credit card offers.

We find the best match for you by comparing your goals and spending habits with the latest credit card offers including sign-up bonuses, cashback bonus categories, annual fees, and spending limits.

Upgrade your wallet.

Credit card offers are always changing. It's hard to keep up, but you can stay ahead of the game with Card Curator. 

Card Curator keeps track of the cards in your wallet and your goals and notifies you when it's time to add a new card or get rid of an old one.

By following our recommendations, you can transform your current wallet into your optimal wallet. In other words, your wallet will always be up to date, you'll avoid those pesky annual fees, and you'll always get the full advantage of the best sign-up bonuses and category rewards available. 

What about Card Curator security

What about security?

Security is the foundation of the Card Curator platform.

We'll never ask you for your bank account details or for your full credit card number.

We work with our secure partners MX and AwardWallet to access transaction info and rewards point balances, but we don't store your credit card numbers, security codes, passwords, banking information, or any other financial information.

Use the perfect card every time.

To really take advantage of your credit card rewards, you need to choose the best card every time you shop.

That’s easier said than done when you’re staring at a wallet full of cards and trying to remember which one offers the most cash back on groceries.

That’s where we come in! Based on the cards in your wallet and the type of purchase you’re making, Card Curator recommends the best card for every purchase.

The result? You’ll earn more and reach your goals faster without increasing your normal spending.

Track all your important rewards info in one place.

Seeing progress towards a goal is exciting. Our My Earnings feature is an easy way to see how much you’ve earned and how much progress you’ve made towards achieving your goals.

In addition to seeing your real-time earnings, you can keep track of all your rewards programs using My Rewards.

Take it to the next level with our travel features.

Some people are happy using their credit card rewards to earn cash, gift cards, or an occasional hotel stay.

Others want to use their rewards to travel the world for free. If that’s you, visit our Go Far page to learn how to use Card Curator to make your travel dreams come true.

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Still have questions?

Here are answers to a few FAQs to give you more details about how we help you earn more.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check out our complete FAQ page.

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What is MX and why should I use it to add my cards to my wallet?

MX is a leading fintech company that helps apps like ours deliver custom recommendations based on your spending while keeping your financial information secure. https://www.mx.com/ Think of it as a secure bridge between your accounts and the Card Curator app.

When you connect your accounts using MX, your credit card spending is automatically updated in Card Curator. This helps us accurately track your progress toward your goals. We also use this information to provide automatic notifications about when you’ve reached a minimum spending limit on a card or if you’ve maxed out a particular rewards category on one of your cards.

With the information we get from MX, we can provide you better recommendations and help you achieve your goals faster. MX does not provide us with credit card numbers, banking balances, security codes, usernames, or passwords.

We recommend using MX to add your cards to your wallet in Card Curator, but it’s up to you. You can add your cards manually if you prefer.

How do you keep track of all my rewards programs?

You can keep up with all your rewards programs in My Rewards. This helps you keep up with your balances and see how points from different programs can be combined to meet your goals.

To get started, add your rewards programs either manually or automatically using Award Wallet. AwardWallet is a third-party program that keeps track of points from different rewards programs in one place. 

By signing up for AwardWallet and connecting your account in the Card Curator app, you can easily see your rewards. This also allows us to consider your existing points when making recommendations and to accurately track your progress.

AwardWallet does not provide us with your credit card numbers or login information for any of your accounts.

How do your credit card recommendations work?

Once you’ve set a primary goal, you’ll get a list of credit card recommendations. Depending on your goal and your preferences, you may see a list of 2, 3, 4, 5, or even more cards to add to your optimal wallet.

The cards appear in the order we recommend applying for them, but you don’t have to add them all at once. Many of the cards we recommend have a sign-up bonus. For most users, we recommend that you sign up for the first card on the list and use it until you reach the minimum spend required to keep your bonus points. 

Then you can apply for the next card on the list. If you’re a big spender, you can apply for and use multiple cards at once.

We use automatic notifications to help you manage the cards in your wallet and figure out when it’s time to apply for a new card.

What does it mean that your recommendations are 100% independent?

Good question! We’re proud of the fact that our recommendations are completely independent and designed to benefit you.

Many of the credit card recommendations you find on the internet are sponsored by credit card companies. Companies and bloggers are paid by credit card companies to get people to apply. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting bad recommendations, but there is a clear conflict of interest.

Our recommendations are made using our proprietary algorithm, CardArbTM, which is based on facts and logic. We evaluate all available credit card offers and deliver unbiased recommendations that will help you achieve your goals as fast as possible. We don’t get any money from credit card companies, so there’s no conflict of interest.

You can be confident that our recommendations are unbiased and designed to deliver value to you.

Card Curator

How do I know when it’s time to apply for a new card or stop using an old one?

We use automatic push notifications to keep your wallet up to date.

We let you know when you’ve reached the minimum spend limit to keep your sign-up bonus, when it’s time to sign up for a new card, or if it’s a good idea to downgrade a card to avoid an annual fee.

How do you choose which card I should use for every purchase?

When choosing which card you should use for a particular purchase, we consider the cards in your wallet, your goals, and the kind of purchase you’re making. Our recommendations factor in your available sign-up bonuses, minimum and maximum spend limits, and bonus categories to pick the card you should use.

Let’s look at a couple of examples. If you’ve recently signed up for a new card with a sign-up bonus of 50,000 points and a minimum spend of $2,000, we’ll recommend that you use this card until you’ve reached the minimum spend threshold to keep your bonus points.

If minimum spending limits aren’t a factor, then the type of purchase and available bonus reward categories are the major considerations. If you have a card that offers 3X points at restaurants, we’ll typically recommend that you use that card when you eat out. If, however, another one of your cards is offering 5X points at restaurants during December, we’ll remind you to use that card for dining while the special offer lasts.

We do the difficult work of keeping up with minimum spending limits, rotating rewards categories, and all the other details of your credit card rewards programs so you get the most value from your spending and don’t leave any points on the table.

How do your recommendations help me earn more?

Our recommendations help you earn more in two ways: optimizing your wallet and using your cards more wisely.

One of the best ways to maximize your earnings from your credit card spending is to take advantage of generous sign-up offers. By signing up for new cards and spending enough to claim the sign-up bonus points, you can quickly earn cashback or accumulate points & miles. The cards in your wallet should also have ongoing rewards programs that match your goals and your spending habits.

The cards that we recommend for your optimal wallet offer the best combination of sign-up bonus offers and ongoing rewards to help you maximize your credit card rewards.

Once the cards are in your wallet, our New Transaction feature automatically chooses the right card for every purchase to make sure you earn maximum rewards on all your spending.

Finding the best offers and keeping track of rewards programs takes a lot of time if you do it yourself. By following our automatic recommendations, you’ll save a lot of time and increase your credit card reward earnings.

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We’ll also send you luxury travel hacks & other recommendations to help you optimize your credit card rewards.