How do I set up my profile?

To set up your profile, you’ll enter information to set up these Card Curator features: My Goals, My Wallet, My Rewards, My Earnings

My Goals - Set a primary goal for your spending.  You can set a travel goal or choose to maximize cashback, return, or charitable giving. Our recommendations will be based on your primary goal.

My Wallet - Add your current cards to your wallet.  To add the cards manually, choose the type of card and then enter the last four digits of your credit card number and the expiration date.  You can also add your cards automatically by connecting to MX.

My Rewards - Add your current rewards programs.  You can manually add and enter the balance of your hotel, bank, airline, and other rewards programs or add them automatically by connecting to Award Wallet.

My Earnings - Enter the amount you typically spend in a month on things like travel, groceries, gas, eating out, and other purchases.  This helps us personalize your recommendations.

If you need help setting up your profile, you can use our in-app tutorial to guide you.