Our mission is to empower as many people as possible to discover the value of optimizing their credit card spending. By choosing the right cards and using them wisely, you can earn thousands of dollars in cash back to spend on your hobbies or in points; miles to fund your travels. 


Card Curator

We learned all of this the hard way, and we started Card Curator so you don’t have to do the same thing.  All the tips, tricks, and strategies we picked up over years of research are built into the Card Curator app. 

You can trust that our recommendations are 100% independent, objective, and designed to help you make decisions that will help you earn more and go far.



John Garner

Founder, CEO

John left his job in trading to pursue his passion for travel and start Card Curator.  He received a BA in Economics and Psychology from Dartmouth College and worked for over 8 years in the financial service industry in NYC and London. John is currently earning his MBA at Wharton. John got his first taste of international travel when his family moved to London in 1996, and he hasn’t stopped since.  He recently visited his 82nd country, surpassing his father’s impressive total of 77.

Meet the team John Garner
Meet the team Bruce Garner

Bruce Garner

Founder, Chairman

Bruce is a dual citizen of the US and the UK. He spent over 30 years in the financial services industry in NYC, London, and Singapore. Until John convinced him to be the chairman of Card Curator, he spent his time building global commodity trading businesses. Now he’s putting his Cornell MBA to use growing a fintech start-up. Bruce may not have visited quite as many countries as John, but he insists he’s had more fun!

Our Team of Advisors

Kerim Derhalli,
Founder & CEO

FinTech Advisor

Daniel Senyard,
Founder & CEO

Travel Advisor

Molly Hellerman,
Global Head of Innovation

Innovation Advisor

Steve Duckworth,
Co-founder & CEO

CTO Advisor

Desmond Fitzpatrick, Resilience Manager and Quantum Ambassador

AI Advisor

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